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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Marilia Cascalho Evolving vaccines; DNA mutators and tumorigenesis; molecular and cellular mechanisms that control antibody affinity maturation in infection and transplantation, molecular and cellular mechanisms contributing to of immune fitness  
Mark Chiang Our lab is focused on understanding the action of transcription factor complexes at super-enhancers that drive induction and maintenance of leukemia stem cells.  
Tomasz Cierpicki Structural studies of proteins involved in leukemogenesis. Development of small molecule compounds targeting protein-protein interactions relevant to leukemogenic transformation.  
Jeff Curtis Immunology of the lungs  
Doug Engel Transcriptional regulation and genetics of hematopoietic development  
David Fox Research in Dr. Fox's laboratory is directed at defining and characterizing pathways of human T cell activation, and the role of these pathways in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease.  
Yossi Holoshitz Signal transduction in autoimmune diseases with a focus on the interface between the adaptive and innate immune systems  
Steven L. Kunkel, PhD Regulation of cytokine gene expression; macrophage pathobiology.   
Daniel Lucas Role of immune cells and cytokines in regulating adult stem cells  
Steve Lundy Induction of immune tolerance using killer/regulatory B cells.  
Peter Mancuso Research in the Mancuso lab currently includes the following projects: 1) Impact of obesity on in innate immunity and host defense against bacterial pneumonia; 2) Effects of drugs that increase the life span on innate immunity in aged mice; 3) We are also exploring the role of the adipokines (hormones produced by fat cells) in chronic disease in the Study of Women Across the Nation. 4)   
David Markovitz Our laboratory studies the interaction between human cellular factors and retroviruses, and their role in oncogenesis and immuity.  
Beth Moore My laboratory studies both pulmonary fibrosis as well as innate and adaptive host defense post bone marrow transplantation.  
Thomas Moore Innate host responses during bacterial infection, microbial pathogenesis, T cells and bacterial infection.  
Andrew Muntean Epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms controlling normal and malignant hematopoietic stem cells  
Gabriel Nunez Role of Innate Immunity in Host Defense and Disease  
Marc Peters-Golden We are interested in mechanisms and regulation of inflammation, immunity, and fibrosis in the lung.  
Pavan Reddy Transplant Immunology, GVHD and GVL after allogeneic BMT. Cytokines, dendritic cells and T cell biology.  
Bruce Richardson Epigenetic dysregulation of T cell function in the pathogenesis of autoimmunity and immune diseases of aging  
Jeff Rual The research interests of the Rual lab lie in the field of cancer systems biology and the use of proteomic approaches to study cellular networks. We focus on the systematic analysis of protein interactions in biological systems and their relationship to human disease, with particular interest in the MLL/HOXA9 axis as well as the Hedgehog and the Notch pathways.   
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