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Faculty List for Program: "Human Genetics"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Anthony Antonellis Identify and characterize loci involved in axonal and demyelinating peripheral neuropathies.  
Stephanie Bielas Discover new genes for human developmental brain disorders and modeling disease mechanisms with patient induced pluripotent stem cells and mice to understand the associated molecular pathology.  
Dave Burke The genetic basis of the mammalian aging phenotype, using the laboratory mouse as a model system.  
Margit Burmeister Identifying genes involved in behavioral, neurological & psychiatric diseases, novel genetic techniques, gene expression, bioinformatics.  
Sally A. Camper, Ph.D. bioinformatics, cancer, developmental biology, gene expression, genetics of disease, hearing research, hormone action, neuroscience, organogenesis reproductive biology, signaling, skeletal development, stem cell research  
Raymond Chan My laboratory is interested in genomic stabilty in germ cells and cells during developmentally regulated cellular division.  
Vivian G Cheung Human Genetics; Regulation of Gene Expression; Gene Transcription and RNA Processing  
Julie Douglas Statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, cancer genetics  
Eric Fearon Studies of oncogene and tumor suppressor gene defects in cancer pathogenesis, particularly gastrointestinal cancers.  
David Ginsburg The components of the blood-clotting system and how disturbances in their function lead to human bleeding and blood-clotting disorders.   
Thomas Glover Genome Instability Copy Number Variants Chromosome Fragile Sites Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria  
Jeffrey Innis Human molecular genetics; Hox genes; gastrulation defects leading to human and mouse malformation; human syndromes  
Shigeki Iwase Chromatin Dynamics in Brain Development and Function  
Sundeep Kalantry Epigenetic mechanisms of X-chromosome inactivation in early embryos and stem cells.   
Katy Keegan Mouse models of telomere dysfunction, genomic instability, and birth defects. Molecular genetics of caudal and urogenital development.   
Jeffrey Kidd Genomics approaches to explore the structure, content, and evolution of diverse genomes.  
John Kim The role of microRNAs and RNA interference mechanisms in C. elegans and mammalian development.  
Dave Kohrman genetics of auditory system development and function; mouse models of inner ear dysfunction  
Kenneth Kwan Development, evolution, and dysfunction of neural circuits of the neocortex  
Jun Li genetic and genomic studies of complex human diseases, including psychiatric disorders and cancer. Applications of massively parallel sequencing methods.  
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