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Yossi Holoshitz

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Primary Appointment: Int Med-Rheumatology
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  The research theme of Dr. Holoshitz’ laboratory is the role of signal transduction events in health and disease. Using cellular, molecular, signal transduction and protein chemistry strategies, the laboratory is focusing on several research projects:

We have recently discovered that the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) shared epitope (SE) is capable of altering important signaling events. The cell surface receptor of the SE has been identified. We are presently characterizing the intracellular events that the SE triggers and deciphering the structure/function requirements of ligand-receptor interaction, using empiric and combinatorial ligand design approaches, as well as mutational analysis of the binding domain(s) on the receptor. One sub-project is focusing on the discovery of small molecule inhibitory compounds, which could be developed in the future as drug leads in RA.

In a related project, we study the mechanisms involved in gene-environment interaction in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

Beyond their potential utility for understanding immune mechanisms in RA, these studies could provide new insights into MHC-disease association.