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Gil Omenn

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Primary Appointment: Comp Med and Bioinformatics
Primary PIBS Dept.: Bioinformatics
Other PIBS Depts.: Human Genetics
PubMed Name: Omenn GS
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  Dr. Omenn's research focuses on cancer proteomics and informatics. He leads the Proteomics Alliance for Cancer Research, the HUPO Human Proteome Project, the Driving Biological Problems Core of the National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics, and the Center for Computational Medicine and Biology.
With faculty member Rajasree Menon, he is identifying and characterizing splice variant transcripts and proteins in cancers. He is a co-leader of the HUman Chromosome 17 project, focused on ERBB2-amplified cancers of breast, stomach, and colon.
There are datasets for application of analytical tools, and there are research teams eager to engage in collaborative studies in each of these initiatives.

He has long-standing interests in mechanisms of genetic predispositions to risks from environmental and occupational exposures, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, and science-based risk analyses.