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Doug Engel

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Primary Appointment: Cell and Developmental Biology
Primary PIBS Dept.: Cell and Developmental Biology
Other PIBS Depts.: Bioinformatics
PubMed Name: dengel
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  Dr. Engel's research focuses on the transcriptional regulation and genetics of embryonic development. His work on beta-globin gene regulation provided concepts that are established and now universally accepted general mechanisms (gene activation by distant enhancers via chromatin looping, sequential developmental gene activation by "competition" between promoters for enhancers, autonomous embryonic and fetal globin gene silencing). His laboratory is currently examining the activities of candidate small molecules as potential therapeutics for the treatment of sickle cell disease and beta-thalassaemia. His discovery of the GATA family of transcription factors in 1990 led to investigation of their roles in multiple aspects of tissue-specific gene activity during embryogenesis, and his group continues to investigate the prominent role GATA3 plays in T lymphocyte development.