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Faculty List for Program: "Cell and Developmental Biology"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Ben Allen Cell surface regulation of Hedgehog signaling during mouse embryogenesis.  
Rick Altschuler 1) Noise Induced and Age - Related Hearing Loss: Underlying Mechanisms and Mechanism based therapeutics for prevention and treatment; 2) Molecular mechanisms in ACTIVITY DEPENDENT PLASTICITY and TINNITUS; 3) STEM CELLS to replace lost auditory nerve  
Kate F. Barald Development/regeneration of sensory cells and neurons in the inner ear, studies of neurofibromatosis 1 using embryonic stem cell models   
Scott Barolo Research Interests: Gene regulation and cell signaling in development; Structure, function, and evolution of transcriptional enhancers.   
Dawen Cai From cells to network – tracing neural circuit formation in the mouse brain  
Maria Castro Sleeping Beauty transposase-mediated mouse brain cancer models; role of DNA repair and genomic stability in tumor progression; epigenetic studies; bioinformatics.  
Pierre Coulombe Research in the laboratory focuses on the regulation of cell differentiation and tissue homeostasis in complex epithelia such as skin, which we study from the unique perspective of keratin intermediate filament genes and proteins.   
Howard Crawford My laboratory studies the cell and molecular mechanisms of the origins of pancreatic cancer, largely using genetically engineered mouse models of the disease. We examine the unique properties of pancreatic epithelial cells, including their inherent plasticity of differentiation, controlled by an array of developmental factors, and how these influence and modify standard oncogene signaling. We also study how chronic inflammation of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis) contributes to early oncogenesis and cancer progression.  
Bill Dauer Molecular and cellular mechanisms of human neurological disease. Cell biological and animal model studies of neurodegeneration, especially in Parkinson's disease, and of primary dystonia, a related functional disease of the motor system.   
Andrzej Dlugosz Embryonic signaling pathways in cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance  
Mara Duncan The molecular mechanisms of membrane traffic, and how it promotes cell survival during stresses including starvation.  
Doug Engel Transcriptional regulation and genetics of hematopoietic development  
Dr. Xing Fan Study signaling pathways that regulate brain development and tumor formation to develop novel therapy targeting brain cancer stem cells.  
Diane Fingar Regulation and function of signal transduction by mTOR complexes  
Phil Gage Cell fate decisions in neural crest and mesoderm; genetic analysis of mammalian eye development; transcription factors; cell signaling pathways  
Roman Giger Nervous System Plasticity and Repair in the Adult Mammalian Brain and Spinal Cord.  
Deb Gumucio Cellular and molecular targets of Hedgehog signaling; Formation of the pylorus; Organogenesis and patterning of the gastrointestinal tract.   
Gary Hammer The long range objective of Dr. Hammerˇ¦s laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which signaling pathways and downstream transcription factors coordinate the specification of adrenocortical cells within the adrenal gland.  
Peter Hitchcock Our laboratory investigates developmental and injury-induced neurogenesis in the retina of teleost fish.  
Ajit Joglekar mechanochemical signal transduction, Biophysics of macromolecular protein complexes using in vivo high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, and engineered assays.  
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