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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Peter Arvan We focus on the molecular mechanisms of protein folding and trafficking in endocrine cells, and diseases of misfolding and mistargeting.   
Rich Auchus Steroid biosynthesis, enzymology, human diseases  
Heather Carlson Our studies broadly focus on protein dynamics and the molecular recognition between ligands and proteins, from the fundamental biophysics of ligand binding to applied drug discovery.  
Vern Carruthers Pathogenesis of parasitic infections: Mechanisms of cell invasion, egress and survival during infection  
Uhn-Soo Cho Biochemical and structural understanding of epigenetic inheritance by studying centromere-specific nucleosomes and the relationship of histones and histone chaperones.  
Tomasz Cierpicki Structural studies of proteins involved in leukemogenesis. Development of small molecule compounds targeting protein-protein interactions relevant to leukemogenic transformation.  
Mark Day Our research is focused on prostate and bladder epithelial adhesion and survival and the influence of the microenvironment on these processes and on tumorigenesis in these organs.  
Andrzej Dlugosz Embryonic signaling pathways in cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance  
dan eitzman Molecular mediators of adipose tissue inflammation and effects of inflammatory adipose tissue on vascular endpoints using mouse models  
Peter Freddolino Combining high-throughput experimental measurements with multiscale modeling to understand and simulate regulatory networks  
Phil Gage Cell fate decisions in neural crest and mesoderm; genetic analysis of mammalian eye development; transcription factors; cell signaling pathways  
Jolanta Grembecka Development of small molecules for targeted therapies in cancer, with a particular focus on proteins involved in leukemogenesis.  
Katy Keegan Mouse models of telomere dysfunction, genomic instability, and birth defects. Molecular genetics of caudal and urogenital development.   
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Daniel Lawrence The Lawrence lab's primary areas of interest focus on the vascular biology of stroke and the development of atherosclerosis.  
Sofia Merajver Molecular genetics of aggressive breast cancer phenotypes and comparative studies and integrated modeling.   
Jim Morrissey Biochemistry of the human blood clotting system; structural studies of membrane lipids bound to biologically significant ligands.  
JK Nandakumar We use biochemistry, cell biology and X-ray crystallography to understand the roles of telomerase and telomeres in cancer and ageing.   
Melanie Ohi Structural and functional studies of dynamic molecular machines using single particle cryo-electron microscopy, biochemistry, and yeast genetics.  
Gus Rosania We study subcellular transport mechanisms of small, drug-like molecules in living cells, using a combination of microscopic imaging, biochemical, chemical and mathematical modeling approaches. We are developing various classes of small molecules that accumulate in macrophages as drug candidates. For information on this project see:   
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