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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Greg Cartee Effects of exercise, diet (calorie restriction) or aging on regulation of skeletal muscle glucose transport and insulin signaling  
Jose Jalife, M.D. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of atrial fibrillation and ventricuylar fibrillation.   
Lisa Larkin Skeletal Tissue Engineering Laboratory (STEL) at the University of Michigan fabricates 3D musculoskeletal tissue and evaluates the structural and histological characteristics, implants these tissues in vivo to expose them to the actual mechanical and biochemical environments of a hindlimb and utilizes the engineered constructs for tissue repair and replacement.  
Chris Mendias Cellular and molecular biology of skeletal muscle and connective tissue adaptation to mechanical loading, injury and disease  
Daniel Michele Molecular mechanisms of inherited human cardiomyopathies and muscular dystrophies, using gene targeted mouse models, muscle cells, and gene therapy vectors.  
Margaret Westfall My laboratory is interested in understanding signaling modulation of contractile function under physiological conditions and in response the heart failure.