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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Juanita L. Merchant Primary research interests include transcriptional control mechanisms regulating cell growth and differentiation and microbial-host interactions in the upper and lower GI tract. Chronic inflammation that leads to gastric or colon cancer. Recent studies on the origin of neuroendocrine tumors has identified post-translational regulation of menin via nuclear export and proteasomal degradation  
Bishr Omary Our laboratory is involved in two major areas of focus. The first involves studying the regulation, function and disease association of the cytoskeletal intermediate filament proteins that are specifically expressed in digestive-type epithelia. These proteins are termed keratin polypeptides 8, 18, 19 and 20 (K8/K18/K19/K20). The second area of focus involves studying the stress-inducible protein heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) as a potential therapeutic target in acute pancreatitis.   
Linda Samuelson Mechanisms of development and cell transformation in stomach and intestine; Notch pathway regulation of stem and progenitor cells; cell fate determination.  
Yatrik Shah Understand the mechanisms by which cellular oxygen levels regulate inflammation and cancer  
Diane Simeone Tissue engineering and neural prosthetics   
John Williams How the synthesis and secretion pancreatic digestive enzymes and the growth of the pancreas is regulated to promote digestion.