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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Scott Barolo Research Interests: Gene regulation and cell signaling in development; Structure, function, and evolution of transcriptional enhancers.   
Laura Buttitta The goal of our lab is to understand the barriers to proliferation in quiescent cells and how they are bypassed in diseases such as cancer.  
Ken Cadigan My laboratory is exploring the mechanism by which Wnt signaling regulates target gene expression, using Drosophila as a model system.  
Josie Clowney Developmental perspectives on neural circuit structure and function in Drosophila  
Catherine Collins Signaling and transport within axons, in particular how this allows neurons to make regenerative and degenerative responses to axonal injury.  
John Fink Genetic analysis of neurologic disorders including gene discovery and creation of vertebrate and invertebrate models. We are particularly interested in the molecular mechanisms of axon degeneration.  
Rich Hume Structure and Function of Neurotransmitter Receptors Formation and Maintenance of synapses  
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Cheng-Yu Lee Regulation of self-renewal and differentiation in Drosophila neural stem cells  
Jun Hee Lee ■ Biochemical mechanisms underlying Sestrinsí anti-aging physiological functions ■ Homeostatic role of Sestrins in gastrointestinal organs including liver and colon ■ Molecular mechanisms underlying physiological autophagy regulation ■ Pathogenetic mechanisms of how autophagy is abrogated in human diseases including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and movement disorders  
David Lubensky Computational biology, systems biology, mathematical modeling, dynamics of biochemical and genetic networks, mechanics and morphogenesis.  
Scott Pletcher We study genetic mechanisms of aging and age-related disease using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model system.  
Orie Shafer The neurobiology of circadian and circa-annual timekeeping and the neurogenetic basis of animal behavior.   
Peter Todd The roles of RNA and RNA processing in neurological disease  
Trisha Wittkopp Mechanisms of gene regulation, Development and Evolution  
Bing Ye The development of neural circuits in Drosophila and mice