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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Wayne Aldridge neuronal mechanisms of reward and movement behavior in the basal ganglia  
Sara Aton The effects of sensory experience and sleep on neural circuits, mechanisms underlying nervous system plasticity and memory formation.  
Jill B. Becker Sex differences in brain motivational systems and how that impacts drug abuse and brain function and dysfunction. Mechanisms mediating the rapid effects of steroid hormones in the brain.  
Kent Berridge Affective Neuroscience: Reward wanting, liking, learning and addiction  
Robert Bradley Investigations of brainstem circuits processing gustatory information.  
Bo Duan Genetic dissection of neural circuits that underlie a variety of somatosensory modalities, such as temperature, touch, pain and itch.  
Mara Duncan The molecular mechanisms of membrane traffic, and how it promotes cell survival during stresses including starvation.  
Eva Feldman I am interested in understanding the pathogenic mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in the central and peripheral nervous systems and identifying effective therapies.  
David Fink Our research is directed at the development of gene transfer therapies for diseases of the nervous system. We use recombinant replication-defective vectors created by modification of herpes simplex virus to deliver and express transgenes in central and peripheral nervous system in models of pain, peripheral neuropathy and spinal cord injury.  
Peter Hitchcock Our laboratory investigates developmental and injury-induced neurogenesis in the retina of teleost fish.  
Ajit Joglekar mechanochemical signal transduction, Biophysics of macromolecular protein complexes using in vivo high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, and engineered assays.  
John Jonides mechanisms of short-term memory and executive processing  
Mike King Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of oculomotor and vestibular systems (VOR & VCR); role of efference copy in vestibulo-oculomotor system, translational studies of ototoxicity, recovery of function, and central plasticity. Effects of aging on vestibular function and balance. Clinical vestibular tests of function; ototoxicity in patients. Human eye movements studies; predictive smooth pursuit, memory guided saccades.  
Malcolm Low Physiological and behavioral effects of neuropeptides and dopamine on energy homeostasis, reward, stress, drug sensitivity, and pituitary function   
Cindy Lustig We study memory and attention, particularly in older adults, using a variety of methods. Please see for current projects. For students interested in rotations: We are currently beginning projects using EEG and (once IRB approval is secured) TMS to investigate the control of attention, especially resistance to distraction. We also have fMRI datasets on these topics that can be further analyzed for related questions (e.g., functional connectivity and MVPA analysis).   
Martin Myers Molecular and neural mechanisms of leptin action  
Jack Parent We study neural stem cells, brain regeneration, epileptogenesis, and stroke-induced plasticity using rodent, zebrafish and human ES cell-derived neural progenitors. We also model genetic neurological disorders using patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells.  
Paresh Patel Neurotransmitters regulating mood disorders  
Parag Patil Relationship between cognitive functions and the activity of individual or groups of neurons  
Hank Paulson We study molecular mechanisms of various neurodegenerative diseases with a view toward developing rational therapies  
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