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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Asim Beg Molecular mechanisms underlying circuit assembly and synaptic function.  
Dean Brenner Translational pharmacology of nutritional cancer preventive interventions, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics using stem cell, eicosanoid, and fatty acid endpoints in humans, rodents.  
Eugene CHEN Dr. Chenís research program in cardiovascular medicine is elucidating the molecular basis of diabetes/obesity-induced cardiovascular diseases and stroke.   
Jorge Iniguez-Lluhi - Protein Regulation by SUMO modification - Basic Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation - Mechanism of Action and Pathobiology of Steroid Hormone Receptors - Clinical Glucocorticoid Resistance - Multiscale Modeling   
Jose Jalife, M.D. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of atrial fibrillation and ventricuylar fibrillation.   
Bob Kennedy We are studying hormone and neurotransmitter secretion with application to diabetes and various brain functions and pathophysiologies.  
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Daniel Michele Molecular mechanisms of inherited human cardiomyopathies and muscular dystrophies, using gene targeted mouse models, muscle cells, and gene therapy vectors.  
Jim Morrissey Biochemistry of the human blood clotting system; structural studies of membrane lipids bound to biologically significant ligands.  
Rick Mortensen 

The major goal of my laboratory has been to understand basic mechanisms in the pathophysiology, consequences and treatment of endocrine abnormalities particularly in obesity, diabetes and related cardiovascular and neurologic diseases. Recent focus has been on the function of drug targets that are clinically important nuclear receptors in immune modulation, and consequences in endocrine, neurologic and cardiovascular diseases. This has also been broadened to other ways of modulating immune function.  
Kayvan Najarian Dr. Najarianís research focuses on design of signal/image processing and machine learning methods to create computer-assisted clinical decision support systems, in particular for the illness and injuries in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.  
James Rae Predicting response to breast cancer therapies by way of pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic, drug metabolism and candidate gene pathway analyses.   
Les Satin Ion channel modulation in health, disease and injury states; regulation of ion channels by cell fuel metabolism and calcium ions. Interactions between cellular fuel metabolism and ion channels.   
Jordan Shavit We study the complex genetics of human blood clotting disorders. We are using CRISPR genome editing and next generation sequencing in zebrafish to develop large scale mutagenesis screens to identify genetic and chemical modifiers of these disorders.  
Margaret Westfall My laboratory is interested in understanding signaling modulation of contractile function under physiological conditions and in response the heart failure.