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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Yukiko Yamashita Regulation of asymmetric stem cell division in the context of tissue microenvironment during tissue homeostasis and aging  
Qiong Yang My lab is in Biophysics, and we are also affiliated with Physics, Applied Physics, Complex Systems, and Bioinformatics. We employ interdisciplinary approaches (mathematical modeling, super-resolution imaging and microfluidics) for a quantitative understanding of self-organizing behaviors of single cells and single molecules during early embryo development. Website:   
Bing Ye The development of neural circuits in Drosophila and mice  
Jieping Ye   
Lei Yin Protein degradation in circadian rhythm regulation. Metabolic function of circadian rhythms in diabetes  
Euisik Yoon   
Vince Young Pathogenesis of gastrointestinal infectious disease. Microbial ecology of the gastrointestinal tract. C. difficile  
Ray Yung Prenatal micronutrients and late life disease. Age-related obesity and inflammation. Dendritic cell cancer immunotherapy in aging.