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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Nils Walter We study a multitude of biologically active non-protein coding RNAs by single molecule fluorescence microscopy in vitro and in live cells  
Michael Wang We study molecular causes of stroke in humans and consequences of stroke on regulation of daily rhythms  
Naisyin Wang Statistical methods for Genomics and Metabolomics Research. Functional/longitudinal data analysis. Mixture modeling, Measurement errors and missing data analysis.  
Shaomeng Wang Small-molecule drug design, synthesis, discovery, evaluation and development; new computational methods for drug design.  
Thomas Wang   
Yanzhuang Wang Protein trafficking, organelle biogenesis and Golgi defects in diseases  
Zhong Wang Epigenetic regulation in stem cells and novel strategies in generating cardiac stem cells and large animal models for heart regeneration.  
Peter A. Ward In general, the main focus of our laboratory is the regulation of the inflammatory response. In addition, we also study sepsis and some of the signalling molecules involved in the inflammatory response.   
Brendon Watson We record from and manipulate many individual neurons simultaneously to understand both healthy function and disease in the brain.  
Dr.Watson Watson Jr Opiate peptides; serotonin, dopamine and opiate Receptors; depression  
Jason Weinberg We use mouse adenovirus type 1 to study the pathogenesis of adenovirus respiratory infection and adenovirus myocarditis.   
Lois Weisman Our goals are to uncover new, essential subcellular processes and to determine their roles in human physiology. One example is our discovery that defects in the PI3,5P2 signaling pathway result in neurodegeneration.  
Steve Weiss Transcriptional and post-translational regulation of the 3-dimensional cell-extracellular matrix interactions that underlie growth, development and neoplasia.  
Deneen Wellik Our lab studies the role of Hox genes in mesenchymal stem and progenitor cell populations and how these cells instruct development, repair and response to disease. Currently the tissues we focus on include the musculoskeletal system, the pancreas and the lung.  
Margaret Westfall My laboratory is interested in understanding signaling modulation of contractile function under physiological conditions and in response the heart failure.   
Max Wicha Effects of extracellular matrix components on cell growth and differentiation. Cancer stem cells.  
Andrzej Wierzbicki Mechanisms of long non-coding RNA functions in regulation of genome activity.  
Cristen Willer Gene discovery and biological implications for cardiovascular disease and blood lipid levels.  
David Williams   
John Williams How the synthesis and secretion pancreatic digestive enzymes and the growth of the pancreas is regulated to promote digestion.  
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