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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
James Rae Predicting response to breast cancer therapies by way of pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic, drug metabolism and candidate gene pathway analyses.   
Malini Raghavan Protein Folding, Antigen Presentation & Immunity  
Steve Ragsdale Enzyme Mechanisms; Metals in Biology; Redox Regulation, Metabolism of CO in Microbes and Humans, Microbial generation of energy-rich gases   
Kaushik Ragunathan My lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms that define how the combinatorial logic of histone modifications and its dynamic interactions with histone binding proteins encodes stable and heritable patterns of gene expression.   
Bill Rainey   
Indika Rajapakse My research is on the structure and function of networks that shape the dynamics of genome organization in the interphase nucleus in three dimensional space and time. I apply mathematical and statistical approaches derived from theory of networks, systems and control theory, and multivariate statistics.  
Ramamoorthy Ramamoorthy Structural and functional studies of membrane proteins and amyloid proteins.   
Rajesh C. Rao, M.D. The long-term goal of our work is to bridge the fields of stem cell biology and epigenetics toward improved treatments for--and a better understanding of--blinding diseases.  
Yoash Raphael Regeneration In the inner ear  
Dipankar Ray 1. Post-translation modifications of proteins during cell cycle progression and oncogenesis. 2. Deciphering molecular/cellular regulators involved in radiation-induced lung diseases.  
Pamela Raymond We study retinal development and regeneration, with a special focus on molecular mechanisms of cell fate specification and patterning, and the properties of retinal stem cells. We use zebrafish as a model system and developmental genetics as a tool.  
Pavan Reddy Transplant Immunology, GVHD and GVL after allogeneic BMT. Cytokines, dendritic cells and T cell biology.  
AL Rehemtulla Molecular Imaging/Drug Discovery  
Patricia Reuter-Lorenz My current research investigates cognitive control assoicated with resolving interference and distortions of memory,age-related declines, and interventiosn to improve executive function and memory.   
Bruce Richardson Epigenetic dysregulation of T cell function in the pathogenesis of autoimmunity and immune diseases of aging  
Michael Roberts Our lab investigates how neural circuits in the central auditory system detect and encode important features of sounds.  
Diane M. Robins Hormonally regulated gene transcription and androgen receptor function, from molecular to organismal levels, in mouse models of development and oncogenesis  
Terry Robinson Neurobiology of addiction; behavioral neuroscience.  
Gus Rosania We study subcellular transport mechanisms of small, drug-like molecules in living cells, using a combination of microscopic imaging, biochemical, chemical and mathematical modeling approaches. We are developing various classes of small molecules that accumulate in macrophages as drug candidates. For information on this project see:   
Brian Ross The research focus is on development and application of molecular imaging probes for diagnosis and treatment assessment of human diseases.  
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