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Faculty List for Program: "Microbiology and Immunology"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Mike Bachman The immune response to bacterial iron metabolism  
Vern Carruthers Pathogenesis of parasitic infections: Mechanisms of cell invasion, egress and survival during infection  
Marilia Cascalho DNA mutators and tumorigenesis; mutable vaccine; B cell memory, transplantation  
Cheong-Hee Chang Studies of molecular and cellular mechanisms for T cell-mediated immunity: The research program in my laboratory has been focusing on investigating and understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern the adaptive immune function. In particular, we are studying CD4 T cell development and effector functions.  
Kathy Collins Our goals are to better understand molecular mechanisms of viral immune evasion and to develop strategies to inhibit these processes.  
Suzanne Dawid Bacterial factors influencing colonization fitness in Streptococcus pneumoniae  
Victor Dirita Our group studies mechanisms required for host colonization by the microbial pathogens Vibrio cholerae and Campylobacter jejuni.  
Kate Eaton Dr. Eaton's research interests are in pathogenesis of enteric bacterial diseases. Current projects involve germ free mouse models and the pathogenesis of disease due to Shiga-toxin producing E. coli. Dr. Eaton is the director of the Germ Free mouse core.  
A. Oveta Fuller An innovative biology-based HIV/AIDS prevention intervention through faith leader networks Mechanisms of entry and membrane fusion of human viral pathogens   
Irina Grigorova Regulation of humoral (antibody) immune response initiation; intravital imaging and quantitative analysis of lymphocyte dynamic behavior in living mice.  
Phil Hanna Anthrax molecular pathogenesis and host responses; macrophage-mediated inflammation   
Oliver He Both bioinformatics research (e.g., ontology, literature mining, Bayesian network, and vaccine informatics) and wet-lab research (host-pathogen interactions and vaccine R&D).   
Gary Huffnagle Pulmonary immunology; fungal pathogenesis and microflora-mediated modulation of immunity   
Michael Imperiale We study the molecular biology of the small DNA tumor virus, BK polyomavirus.   
Phil King Molecular regulation of T lymphocyte differentiation, activation and death with an emphasis upon intracellular signal transduction mechanisms  
Denise Kirschner We study the host-response to pathogens using mathematical modeling. We focus on the immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  
Nicole Koropatkin I study the molecular details of carbohydrate degradation and uptake by human gut symbiotic bacteria.  
Yasmina Laouar   
Adam Lauring We study the relationship between population diversity and viral phenotype in poliovirus, influenza, and other medically important RNA viruses.   
Gary Luker Development and application of molecular imaging technologies to investigate chemokine receptor signaling pathways in cancer.  
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