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Faculty List for Program: "Immunology"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Keith Bishop Cellular Immunology, Regulation of T Cell Responses, Cytokines, Costimulation, Tolerance, Transplantation  
Marilia Cascalho DNA mutators and tumorigenesis; mutable vaccine; B cell memory, transplantation  
Maria Castro Cancer biology and therapeutics: role of secreted cancer ligands in hematopoietic stem cells' development, anti-tumor immunity, and nanotechnologies to develop novel anti-cancer therapies.   
Cheong-Hee Chang Immune responses mediated by CD4 T helper cells  
Stephen Chensue See URL below  
Kathy Collins Our goals are to better understand molecular mechanisms of viral immune evasion and to develop strategies to inhibit these processes.  
Jeff Curtis Immunology of the lungs  
Ray Douglas   
Colin Duckett Research is focused on the role of IAP proteins in cancer, with emphasis on the potential of IAP antagonists as therapeutic agents.  
Wesley Dunnick We study the cis-acting elements that control transcription and recombination of antibody heavy chain genes.  
James Ferrara Bone marrow transplantation, immune mechanisms of graft versus host disease; graft versus tumor reactions  
David Fox Research in Dr. Fox's laboratory is directed at defining and characterizing pathways of human T cell activation, and the role of these pathways in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease.  
Irina Grigorova Regulation of humoral (antibody) immune response initiation; intravital imaging and quantitative analysis of lymphocyte dynamic behavior in living mice.  
Cory Hogaboam Our research laboratory addresses two major themes related to chronic pulmonary disease. The first theme relates to cellular and molecular immune mechanisms that regulate the pulmonary growth and persistence of fungus in a number of experimental murine models. The second theme is more translational as we explore a grouping of clinical diseases referred to as idiopathic interstitial pneumonias (IIPs).  
Yossi Holoshitz Signal transduction in autoimmune diseases with a focus on the interface between the adaptive and innate immune systems  
Gary Huffnagle Pulmonary immunology; fungal pathogenesis and microflora-mediated modulation of immunity   
David Irani We study nervous system-immune system interactions in a mouse model of lethal alphavirus encephalomyelitis and in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  
Michelle Kahlenberg My research strives to understand the cross-talk between cutaneous inflammation and the development and control of systemic autoimmunity.  
Venkat Keshamouni Delineating basic mechanisms and interactions in lung tumor microenvironment particularly that are mediated by the cytokine TGF-beta, and to develop therapeutic strategies to disrupt these interactions.   
Phil King Molecular regulation of T lymphocyte differentiation, activation and death with an emphasis upon intracellular signal transduction mechanisms  
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