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Faculty Rotation Availability

Faculty Rotation Availability: Results 1 - 30 (List more/fewer results: 10 20 30 40 100 )
Name (click to view Rotation descriptions) Primary PIBS Dept. Email (add Rotations Available?
Summer '16 Fall '16 Winter '17 Spring '16
Stephanie Bielas Human Genetics  sbielas Yes Yes - Yes
Markus Bitzer Cellular and Molecular Biology  markusbi Yes Yes - Yes
Ken Cadigan Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  cadigan Yes Yes - Yes
Dawen Cai Cell and Developmental Biology  dwcai Yes Yes - Yes
Dr. Xing Fan Cell and Developmental Biology  xingf Yes Yes - Yes
Peter Freddolino Biological Chemistry  petefred Yes Yes - Yes
Sue Hammoud Human Genetics  hammou Yes Yes - Yes
Michael Holinstat Pharmacology  mholinst Yes Yes - Yes
Tom Kerppola Biological Chemistry  kerppola Yes Yes - Yes
Yu (Leo) Lei   leiyuleo Yes Yes - Yes
Scott Leiser Molecular and Integrative Physiology  leiser Yes Yes - Yes
Daniel Lucas Cell and Developmental Biology  dlucasal Yes Yes - Yes
Steve Lundy Immunology  sklundy Yes Yes - Yes
Cora MacAlister Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  macalist Yes Yes - Yes
Mary Oriordan Microbiology and Immunology  oriordan Yes Yes - Yes
Gina Poe Molecular and Integrative Physiology  ginapoe Yes Yes - Yes
Jordan Shavit Cellular and Molecular Biology  jshavit Yes Yes - Yes
Randy Stockbridge Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  stockbr Yes Yes - Yes
Joel Swanson Microbiology and Immunology  jswan Yes Yes - Yes
Alice Telesnitsky Microbiology and Immunology  ateles Yes Yes - Yes
Peter Todd Neuroscience  petertod Yes Yes - Yes
Haoxing Xu Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  haoxingx Yes Yes - Yes
Qiong Yang Biophysics  qiongy Yes Yes - Yes
Anuska Andjelkovic Molecular and Cellular Pathology  anuskaa Yes Yes - Yes
Alan Boyle Bioinformatics  apboyle Yes - - Yes
Maria Castro Cell and Developmental Biology  mariacas Yes - - Yes
Howard Crawford Molecular and Integrative Physiology  howcraw Yes - - Yes
Yali Dou Molecular and Cellular Pathology  yalid Yes - - Yes
David Ferguson Molecular and Cellular Pathology  daviferg Yes - - Yes
Diane Fingar Cell and Developmental Biology  dfingar Yes - - Yes
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