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Faculty Rotation Availability

Faculty Rotation Availability: Results 1 - 30 (List more/fewer results: 10 20 30 40 100 )
Name (click to view Rotation descriptions) Primary PIBS Dept. Email (add Rotations Available?
Summer '16 Fall '16 Winter '17 Spring '16
Alon Kahana Cellular and Molecular Biology  akahana Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jun Wu Molecular and Integrative Physiology  wujunz Yes Yes Yes Yes
Michael Imperiale Microbiology and Immunology  imperial Yes Yes Yes No
Stephanie Bielas Human Genetics  sbielas Yes Yes - Yes
Markus Bitzer Cellular and Molecular Biology  markusbi Yes Yes - Yes
Ken Cadigan Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  cadigan Yes Yes - Yes
Dawen Cai Cell and Developmental Biology  dwcai Yes Yes - Yes
Dr. Xing Fan Cell and Developmental Biology  xingf Yes Yes - Yes
Peter Freddolino Biological Chemistry  petefred Yes Yes - Yes
Sue Hammoud Human Genetics  hammou Yes Yes - Yes
Michael Holinstat Pharmacology  mholinst Yes Yes - Yes
Tom Kerppola Biological Chemistry  kerppola Yes Yes - Yes
Yu (Leo) Lei   leiyuleo Yes Yes - Yes
Scott Leiser Molecular and Integrative Physiology  leiser Yes Yes - Yes
Daniel Lucas Cell and Developmental Biology  dlucasal Yes Yes - Yes
Steve Lundy Immunology  sklundy Yes Yes - Yes
Cora MacAlister Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  macalist Yes Yes - Yes
Mary Oriordan Microbiology and Immunology  oriordan Yes Yes - Yes
Gina Poe Molecular and Integrative Physiology  ginapoe Yes Yes - Yes
Jordan Shavit Cellular and Molecular Biology  jshavit Yes Yes - Yes
Randy Stockbridge Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  stockbr Yes Yes - Yes
Joel Swanson Microbiology and Immunology  jswan Yes Yes - Yes
Alice Telesnitsky Microbiology and Immunology  ateles Yes Yes - Yes
Peter Todd Neuroscience  petertod Yes Yes - Yes
Haoxing Xu Molecular,Cellular,Devel Biology  haoxingx Yes Yes - Yes
Qiong Yang Biophysics  qiongy Yes Yes - Yes
Anuska Andjelkovic Molecular and Cellular Pathology  anuskaa Yes Yes - Yes
Alan Boyle Bioinformatics  apboyle Yes - - Yes
Maria Castro Cell and Developmental Biology  mariacas Yes - - Yes
Howard Crawford Molecular and Integrative Physiology  howcraw Yes - - Yes
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