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Sofia Merajver

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Other PIBS Depts.: Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology
PubMed Name: Sofia D. Merajver
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  Dr. Sofia D. Merajver is an expert in breast cancer genetics with research interests in the molecular genetics of breast cancer, gene function, cancer risk assessment, international breast cancer research, and prevention. Her laboratory studies aggressive forms of breast cancer, with inflammatory breast cancer being the primary model. She also performs clinical and translational research in breast cancer. She is especially well known as an educator and dedicated mentor of postdoctoral and predoctoral students and of junior faculty at the UM Medical School and SPH and at many institutions worldwide. Dr. Merajver’s laboratory has discovered genetic alterations that contribute to an especially malignant phenotype of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). They have isolated and characterized markers specific for inflammatory breast cancer, such as a novel transforming oncogene RhoCGTPase. The laboratory has embarked on the study of RhoC signaling in single live cells utilizing laser spectroscopic techniques and mathematical modeling. Interactions amongst signaling pathways and metabolism is a new initiative in the lab. Recently, the laboratory has been evolving towards an integrative approach to cancer phenotypes that incorporate cell signaling, in vitro metabolic experimentation, and mathematical modeling.