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Rick Altschuler

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Primary Appointment: Otorhinolaryngology Department
Primary PIBS Dept.: Cell and Developmental Biology
Other PIBS Depts.: Neuroscience
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  PROTECTION FROM DEAFNESS AND AGE-RELATED HEARING LOSS: These studies identify the molecular mechanisms underlying the many components of noise induced hearing loss, of age-related hearing loss and genetic hearing loss and develop and test therapeutic interventions based on these mechanisms. Studies also examine endogenous protective mechanisms, such as heat shock proteins and how these can be utilized.

ACTIVITY DEPENDENT PLASTICITY: Studies focus on the molecular mechanisms used for activity dependent plasticity in normal auditory function and how abnormal changes contribute to tinnitus and auditory processing disorders.

STEM CELLS AND TISSUE ENGINEERING THE AUDITORY NERVE: These studies use stem cells to replace auditory nerve that is lost following deafness, to improve the function of cochlear prostheses, as well as develop methods to enhance the survival of remaining auditory nerve and induce regrowth.