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Roger Albin

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Primary Appointment: Neurology Department
Primary PIBS Dept.: Neuroscience
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  1) Huntington disease: I am interested in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration in Huntington disease (HD). I have worked previously on characterization of striatal pathology in HD and toxic animal models of Huntington’s disease. The focus of our laboratory now is studying mechisms of neurodegeneration in HD using a genetically and phenotypically faithful murine genetic model of HD. With this model and crosses with other lines with defined mutations in pathways hypothesized to be involved in neurodegeneration, we can test specific hypotheses about mechanisms of neurodegeneration in HD. We are also using murine genetic models in preclinical experiments to evaluate possible treatments for HD.
2) Parkinson disease: I am interested in the neurobiology of non-motor features of Parkinson disease (PD), specifically sleep disorders. Non-motor features of PD are appreciated now as major causes of morbidity in PD. Using positron emission tomography imaging, careful clinical characterization, and systematic sleep evaluations, I am testing hypotheses about alterations in brain neurochemical systems causing sleep disorders in PD.
3) Dementias: I am interested in developing better methods for diagnosis of degenerative disorders. Using novel positron emission tomography methods, I am evaluating the efficacy of these methods in the early diagnosis of dementias.