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Marc Peters-Golden

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Primary Appointment: Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care
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  Eicosanoids are metabolites of arachidonic acid, the best known of which are leukotrienes and prostaglandins. These are produced physiologically and during disease states and have broad effects on homeostasis and pathophysiology. Our laboratory has a longstanding interest in the regulation of eicosanoid synthesis, receptors, actions, and roles in inflammation in general and in various lung diseases in particular. Current research projects include: a) eicosanoid receptor expression and signaling; b) abnormalities in eicosanoid biosynthesis and receptor expression in disease states; c) roles of eicosanoids in antimicrobial defense mechanisms; d) roles of eicosanoids in pulmonary fibrosis. Experimental approaches include molecular biology, cell biology, animal modeling, and studying cells and tissues from humans with diseases.