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Miriam Meisler

Personal Information


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Primary Appointment: Human Genetics Department
Primary PIBS Dept.: Human Genetics
Other PIBS Depts.: Neuroscience
PubMed Name: Meisler MH
Lab Website

  We are working at the interface of human and mouse genetics, to identify genes responsible for neuronal degeneration and evaluate their role in human patients. We are working on candidate genes for ALS and other motor neuron diseases, based on the phenotypes of mouse mutants affecting ion channel function, endosomal trafficking and splicing.
Thesis research from my laboratory typically includes both mouse and human genetic studies. Students who graduated from my laboratory during the past 5 years are now postdoctoral fellows at Harvard, UCSF, Cornell, Case Wesern Reserve and Northwestern U. Nine previous trainees are now independent investigators in academic or research institutions. The large scale genomic sequences and genetic resources now available make this a golden age for genetics research, providing satisfying answers to long-standing questions about human biology and disease.