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Celina G. Kleer, M.D.

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Primary Appointment: Pathology Department
Primary PIBS Dept.: Molecular and Cellular Pathology
PubMed Name: kleer c
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  Breast cancer is responsible for over 44,000 deaths each year in this country. Morphology and current prognosticators do not allow accurate prediction of metastasis, indicating that some breast cancers, despite grade and size at diagnosis, have the ability spread early. Our laboratory focuses on discovering better ways of identifying breast cancers with propensity to metastasize. To this end, we are devoted to understanding major mechanisms of breast cancer initiation and progression and in translating them into clinical utility. Our laboratory discovered two key events associated with metastasizing breast cancers: overepression of EZH2 and down-regulation of CCN6 (WISP3). The mechanisms by which these alterations promote breast cancer growth and metastasis, and their utility as tissue-based prognostic biomarkers constitute the foundation of our laboratory projects.