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Delia M. Vazquez

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Primary Appointment: Pediatrics-Endocrinology
Primary PIBS Dept.: Neuroscience
PubMed Name: Vazquez DM
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  Dr. Delia Vázquez is Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Research Scientist at the Center of Human Growth and Development. Dr. Delia Vázquez’ research focuses on clinical and pre-clinical studies. In view of the link of psychosocial stressors, growth failure and hormonal regulation, Dr. Vázquez’ laboratory focuses on the basis of stressed induced growth arrest and the vulnerability to psychopathology. Her animal studies investigate the effects of stress on the developing HPA axis, serotonin and corticotropin releasing hormone circuits. She studies the brain elements of the HPA system at different levels during normal development (neuronal circuitry, gene expression, protein expression and function) and how this regulation is altered by stress and by different pharmacological manipulations. Most recently her laboratory is exploring the relationship between serotonin receptor regulation in brain by early steroid exposure as it is typically done to premature infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units worldwide. Animals treated with glucocorticosteroids early in life show generalized anxiety in adulthood. There is also a body of literature that suggests that physical and emotional stressors may be intimately linked to psychopathology and drug seeking behavior. Several components of the LHPA axis have been identified as important in these processes and are also a source of investigation at the Vazquez laboratory. Ultimately, Dr. Vázquez applies the basic science knowledge acquired in her lab to develop protocols to study and implement therapeutic interventions in children. Dr. Vazquez is the lead scientist in the Training Grant currently active at the Pediatric Endocrine Division. Information can be found at The Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases .