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David Markovitz

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Primary Appointment:
Other PIBS Depts.: Cancer Biology
PubMed Name: David M. Markovitz

  Our laboratory studies the interaction of retroviruses such as HIV with human cellular factors. The goal of this work is to understand the mechanisms that regulate retroviral replication, and also to use these viruses as models for elucidating human cellular processes. Our work is thus relevant to understanding cancer and immunity, as well as viral pathogenesis. The specific projects in the laboratory at this time examine the following issues: (1) the role of cellular factors in HIV pathogenesis, (2) the mechanism of action of the DEK protein, which has been linked to the pathogenesis of HIV-2, leukemia, solid tumors, and autoimmune disease, (3) the role of vimentin in immunity, and (4) pathogenic effects of human endogenous retroviruses.