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Charles Burant

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Primary Appointment: Metabolism, Endo & Diabetes
Primary PIBS Dept.: Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Other PIBS Depts.: Bioinformatics
PubMed Name: burantc
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  My research program centers on the interaction between genetics and environmental factors, such as nutrition and exercise, in the regulation of body weight, insulin resistance and β-cell adaptation. The studies combine the ‘clinical’ phenotype of people and animal models with high throughput molecular phenotyping, such as metabolomics, lipomics and gene expression profiling, with computational tools to understand the development of metabolic diseases. I also direct the Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center (, which provides the infrastructure to support the research program. I also direct the Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core.

Current Active Research Projects:

- Understanding the basis for enhanced oxidative capacity, metabolic health and longevity in animal bred for intrinsic capacity to exercise.
- Multiscalar integration of clinical, biobehavioral and molecular data to understand the adaptation to weight loss in a large cohort of patients undergoing Very Low Calorie Diet weight loss or bariatric surgery.
- Applying directed and unbiased metabolomic profiling to contemporary and archival plasma samples to define dietary or other factors that predispose to diabetes and obesity.
- Using metabolomics to understand the alterations in intermediary metabolism that lead to complications of diabetes.
- Understanding the basic mechanisms of beta-cell insulin secretion and alterations associated with type 2 diabetes