M‑Recruit is a Medical School application designed to facilitate the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) and departments in managing the Faculty Recruitment process. To utilize this tool you must be granted access to the application.

M‑Recruit has been designed to give you an overview of all of your department’s approved faculty positions. The Faculty Roster shows filled positions, positions actively in the recruitment process, open positions, and positions where candidates have accepted a position and are in the process of being appointed. M‑Recruit also tracks progress on specific recruitments and provides you with a dashboard overview.

The system has been designed with workflow and is where the online Request to Fill Position Form (RFP) and offer letters are submitted to OFA for approval. M‑Recruit keeps track of posting requirements based on the position being posted, monitors other University of Michigan requirements and prompts the Department Contact when action is needed.

The first phase of M‑Recruit provided departments with a live-time updated faculty roster and a tool for tracking and monitoring the department’s Faculty Recruitment process.

The second phase of M‑Recruit adds new Pre‑Hire process functionality and is the foundation of a future replacement for M‑ACE

For more information on M‑Recruit, contact Deb Komorowski in the Office of Faculty Affairs.