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No matter where you reside within the Health System, chances are someone on your team likes to think BIG. Perhaps it's the clerk who dreams of a new and better process to handle patient requests. Or, it's a collaborative team that wants to do something about stress at work. For all you innovative thinkers - consider applying for a Fostering Innovation Grant to turn your idea into a reality.

Take a few minutes to check out the FIGs Project Award List below. If you are considering a project, this should be your first stop. Have we awarded FIGs bucks to a similar project in the past? If it's on the list, chances are it won't meet the "innovative" criteria, so consider connecting with the project owner to find out how you can collaborate on your idea. If you don't see it on the list, and think it meets the FIGs criteria, submit your application today!

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FIGs Round 20 Awardees :

Title Project Description Awardee Names Department
WalkerCam: Using Portable Camera Technologies to Enhance Gait   For our rehabilitation patients who have impaired gait, learning how to walk again is an overwhelming and imposing process. There are so many things to think about and pay attention when learning or relearning these skills. This can be taxing to both patient and physical therapist (PT). Enter portable camera technologies such as GoPro(TM) that are prevalent in today's active society; these camera can not only give a real-time view of body parts to the patient and PT during the walking process, but also record these actions for review, education, and to monitor progress.   Hilker, Donn F   UMH Pm&R Rehab Engr  
Simulator for ultrasound-guided liver mass biopsies   Build a simulator for ultrasound-guided liver mass biopsies complete with a moving diaphragm and simulated lungs that is capable of re-use and re-puncture.   Burch, Debborah K   UMH Rad IT Services  
Kinesiologically Adaptive Electronic Goniometer   Measuring joint angle using a goniometer is an essential aspect of sports rehabilitation, from exercises to assessment, yet their use is substantially limited due to the difficulty in mounting the device to a person. This proposal aims to solve this challenge by creating an electronic goniometer that is lightweight, high resolution, comfortable to wear during exercise, adaptive to off-axis joint motion, and high in inter-tester reliability.   Yao, Darlene   UMH MedSport Dominos Tech  
New Vascular Access Syringe   Obtaining central venous access can be quite cumbersome and is relatively unsafe with the current syringe design so this new design hopes to give the operator more control and improve safety.   Pohl, Kyle J   UMH H.O. Med/Ped  
Wireless Music Listening Stations for an Inpatient Psychiatric unit   To create and install 6 "Wireless Music Listening Stations" throughout the 9C inpatient area. These music listening stations will be accessible and operable entirely by the patients themselves, allowing them to independently select music of their choosing to be played on a pair of rechargeable headphones, wirelessly connected to the music listening station. This will give all of our patients the ability to listen to their favorite music anywhere on the unit, increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing anxiety without burdening staff or risking patient safety.   Stahl, Dane   UMH Nsg 9C  
Web-based teaching modules about the brain and behavior   We want to develop web-based teaching modules to enhance medical student learning about the brain and behavior; this pilot project will specifically relate to learning about the dopamine system. This pilot learning module, called "Learning Dopamine", is designed to be extremely user-friendly, and will consist of written material, online quizzes, and some video/animation and audio components to help students engage in several learning methods. Our web-based software will engage students in an interactive, independent learning environment they can access anywhere they have an internet connection, and we expect this to be a template for additional learning modules about other brain systems in the future.   Williams, Aislinn Joanmarie   UMH H.O. Core Psychiatry  

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