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Figs Awardees

Congratulations on being awarded FIGs funding for your project. We want you and your project to be successful, so we are here to help in any way we can! Please review the information below for expectations and guidelines for FIGs.

What are the expectations for FIGs Awardees?

  • Implement your idea
    • You are expected to work on implementing your idea
    • If you run into barriers or need help planning, please contact the FIGs coordinator
  • Report progress & outcomes
    • You are expected to complete progress reports twice a year for the duration of your grant, as well as a final report. The FIGs coordinator will send you these reports at the appropriate times.
    • In some cases, we will request that you track specific measures to ensure that we can accurately measure the success of the project. If you need help selecting measures or collecting data, we are available to help.
  • Promote FIGs
    • You are expected to display the FIGs logo in any materials produced with a FIGs grant and all forms of communication regarding your grant, such as newspapers, Web sites, posters, presentations, e-mails and announcements.
    • Electronic version of the FIGs logo is available. You can find the online FIGs logo here. We also have printed stickers available upon request.
  • Notify us of any project changes
    • If there are any changes related to your project, please notify FIGSs Administrator at figs-info@umich.edu. Changes could include any of the following:
      • If the Project Coordinator leaves the university'(please have a new contact person identified)
      • Any project contacts that should be added; not originally on the application
      • Any changes in project scope after funds are awarded
      • You identify a need for additional funding
  • Keep track of your purchases
    • You are expected to keep a record of the purchases made for your grant
    • You are responsible for any account reconciliation (build this in to your project)
    • Remember: FIGs does not support employee salaries and benefits
  • Have fun!
    • This is a great chance to be creative in your work and demonstrate your unique contributions.

Awardee FAQs

Once I am notified, how do I get the FIGs funds?
Upon receipt of your award letter, the FIGs funds have already been transferred to your unique FIGs account. Use the information in the letter (Department ID, Project/Grant and Shortcode) to begin spending your funds. Please adhere to your departmental policy on funds spending and reimbursement.
Who is the approver for FIGs spending (if reconciliation in Concur)?
The FIGs coordinator is the approver for all FIGs related expenses in Concur.
How can I purchase something with FIGs funds if the store does not accept UMHS shortcodes?
You can use your department's P-Card and then reimburse your PCard using the Concur system and your grant shortcode.
What if I do not have access to a P-Card?
You can use a personal credit card and then reimburse your personal card using the Concur system
What if we run into challenges keeping to the timeline for completion of our project. What will happen?
Awardees need to inform FIGSs Administrator at figs-info@umich.edu of any obstacles and develop a new plan for completion.
How long does my Project/Grant (P/G) stay open?
Your P/G code will remain open until all your funds have been spent or you notify the FIGs coordinator that your project is complete.
What happens to the awarded funds that aren't spent?
After completing the project, a remaining funds that are not spent are returned to the FIGs program.

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