How To Apply

It's never been easier to apply for FIGs! Our simple and accessible online application can be filled out from anywhere while the round is open! Just click "Apply Now" and you'll be directed to our application form. Here are the new application features:

  • Secure Kerberos Login - Access the FIGs site from anywhere and enjoy your own dashboard to manage your applications
  • Save for Later - Not ready to submit your application yet, don't worry! Save it and come back later to complete. You'll even get a reminder email if you forget!
  • Application Updates - You can make as many updates to your existing application as you want until the round deadline. Each update will be saved and the most recent version of your application will always be on file.
  • Attachments - You can now upload attachments to your application. Any supporting documents will be attached right to your application. When the committee reviews your information, it will all be in one place!
  • As a partial mechanism for the sustainability of the FIGs program, we are requiring awardees' departments to share 50% of any royalty revenue they receive from any inventions resulting from the FIGs funding up to the total amount funded. The University's revenue sharing policy can be found at: http://techtransfer.umich.edu/resources/policies.php#revenue.
  • Past Awardee Information - Have an idea, but not sure if it has been done before. Check out the Past Awardee List and find out!
  • Updated FAQs
  • Resources for anyone interested in applying or those who have already been awarded a FIGs award

We want the application process to be simple and convenient for you! It's just that easy!

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