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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Michael Boehnke Statistical genetics, complex diseases, and human gene mapping, with application to type 2 diabetes and bipolar disorder  
Dave Burke Genetics of the laboratory mouse and genetic technologies  
Vivian G Cheung Human Genetics; Regulation of Gene Expression; Gene Transcription and RNA Processing  
David Ginsburg The components of the blood-clotting system and how disturbances in their function lead to human bleeding and blood-clotting disorders.   
Jordan Shavit We study the complex genetics of human blood clotting disorders. We are using CRISPR genome editing and next generation sequencing in zebrafish to develop large scale mutagenesis screens to identify genetic and chemical modifiers of these disorders.  
Charles Sing Genetics of common chronic diseases of humans. Our research team is working to define the role of genetic variation in determining variation in health in the human population at large.  
Katherine Spindler Molecular biology and pathogenesis of virus-host interactions; viral encephalitis; genetic basis of host susceptibility to mouse adenovirus infection  
Xiang Zhou Developing statistical and computational methods for large-scale genetic and genomic studies to understand the genetic basis of phenotypic variation.