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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Ben Allen Cell surface regulation of Hedgehog signaling during mouse embryogenesis.  
Sally A. Camper, Ph.D. bioinformatics, cancer, developmental biology, gene expression, genetics of disease, hearing research, hormone action, neuroscience, organogenesis reproductive biology, signaling, skeletal development, stem cell research  
Tae-Hwa Chun ECM and MMP in Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases. Human 3-D fat tissue-on-chip  
Gary Hammer The long range objective of Dr. Hammerˇ¦s laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which signaling pathways and downstream transcription factors coordinate the specification of adrenocortical cells within the adrenal gland.  
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Lisa Larkin Skeletal Tissue Engineering Laboratory (STEL) at the University of Michigan fabricates 3D musculoskeletal tissue and evaluates the structural and histological characteristics, implants these tissues in vivo to expose them to the actual mechanical and biochemical environments of a hindlimb and utilizes the engineered constructs for tissue repair and replacement.  
Lei Lei Germ cell fate determination during mouse oocyte differentiation. Ovarian somatic cell differentiation and its role in ovarian cancer.   
Ormond MacDougald My lab focuses on understanding regulatory mechanisms for adipocyte differentiation and metabolism, including by microRNAs.  
Vasantha Padmanabhan Research focuses on developmental origin of reproductive and metabolic disorders.  
Linda Samuelson Adult stem cell function and regulation in the mammalian gastrointestinal tract.   
Jessica Schwartz Regulation of gene expression by growth hormone and related growth factors; signal transduction to the nucleus; mechanisms of insulin resistance; integrative physiology of human growth.  
Gary D. Smith Work in Dr. Smith's research laboratory focuses on regulation of mammalian gamete and embryo development and function. Specifically, investigations include intracellular regulation of oocyte meiosis, factors and forces influencing sperm function, and molecular regulators of pre- and postimplantation embryo development. Studies in his laboratory range from very basic in nature to translational research aimed at introducing new or improving existing means of preserving fertility or treating infertility.