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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Philip Andrews Major areas include the molecular architecture of organelles, phosphoprotein analysis and quantitative proteomics, interaction maps, and proteome informatics.  
Rich Auchus Steroid biosynthesis, enzymology, human diseases  
Mark Banaszak Holl Targeted drug delivery for chemotherapeutics; mechanistic studies of polymer-based cell transfection systems; polymer/cell membrane interactions.  
Ruma Banerjee Chemical biology of mammalian sulfur metabolism, intercellular redox communication in neuro-immune function, mechanism of vitamin B12 trafficking and structural enzymology of human B12, PLP and heme enzymes and characterization of patient mutants in them.  
Charles L. Brooks III Theoretical and computational approaches are used to model biophysical processes from protein folding and virus assembly to protein-ligand/drug interactions.  
Heather Carlson Our studies broadly focus on protein dynamics and the molecular recognition between ligands and proteins, from the fundamental biophysics of ligand binding to applied drug discovery.  
Zhan Chen Please check:  
Bob Fuller We are interested in the basic cell biology and enzymology of protein localization and processing in the eukaryotic secretory pathway.  
Gary Glick Bio-organic chemistry; drug discovery for autoimmune diseases; molecular immunology; drug-induced apoptosis.   
Dr. Raoul Kopelman 1. Nanobiotechnology tools for research on cancer stem cells and monitoring single bacterial growth 2. Nanomedicine: Enhanced imaging and therapy of tumors and heart disease using multifunctional nanodevices  
Nicolai Lehnert My research is centered on the detoxification of nitric oxide (NO) in biology, and how this relates to human health and chronic diseases.   
Ben Margolis Our laboratory studies epithelial cell polarity and cilia formation.  
Neil Marsh Enzyme mechanisms, protein engineering and antimicrobial peptide design  
Jens-Christian Meiners We study the role of mechanics in fundamental biological processes on the molecular level. Currently, we are mostly interested in how DNA moves in living cells to accomplish its biological functions.  
Jim Morrissey Biochemistry of the human blood clotting system; structural studies of membrane lipids bound to biologically significant ligands.  
Ruthann Nichols Heart failure is a leading cause of death. We investigate a neuropeptide which slows heartbeat and its signal transduction pathway.  
Patrick O'Brien Mechanistic studies of human DNA repair and replication proteins. Structural, functional, & biophysical studies of protein-DNA interactions and dynamics.  
Bruce Palfey We investigate enzyme reaction mechanisms using biophysical and chemical techniques, with a focus on therapeutically important flavoenzymes.  
Vince Pecoraro Clarifying metallobiochemistry, from new cellular optical imaging agents to the design of metalloproteins for studying heavy metal (e.g., Pb(II)) toxicity, electron transfer and catalysis.   
Jim Penner-Hahn The role of metal ions in biological systems. Spectroscopic characterization of metal ions and metalloproteins.  
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