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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Sara Aton The effects of sensory experience and sleep on neural circuits, mechanisms underlying nervous system plasticity and memory formation.  
Jimo Borjigin My lab is interested in (1) melatonin based chronobiology, and (2) neurobiology of the dying brain.  
Jiandie Lin Metabolic signaling and disease; transcriptional network; non-coding RNA; specification of adipocyte and muscle metabolism.  
Gary D. Smith Work in Dr. Smith's research laboratory focuses on regulation of mammalian gamete and embryo development and function. Specifically, investigations include intracellular regulation of oocyte meiosis, factors and forces influencing sperm function, and molecular regulators of pre- and postimplantation embryo development. Studies in his laboratory range from very basic in nature to translational research aimed at introducing new or improving existing means of preserving fertility or treating infertility.   
Kwoon Wong The Wong lab uses electrophysiological, behavioral and anatomical techniques to study retinal cells and circuits that regulate the non-image-forming visual system.  
Lei Yin Protein degradation in circadian rhythm regulation. Metabolic function of circadian rhythms in diabetes