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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Brian D. Athey, Ph.D. Integrative Biomedical Informatics" and "Translational Bioinformatics", and "Computational Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Macroscopic and Microscopic Biological Systems   
Asim Beg Molecular mechanisms underlying circuit assembly and synaptic function.  
Dean Brenner Translational pharmacology of nutritional cancer preventive interventions, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics using stem cell, eicosanoid, and fatty acid endpoints in humans, rodents.  
Mara Duncan The molecular mechanisms of membrane traffic, and how it promotes cell survival during stresses including starvation.  
Jorge Iniguez-Lluhi - Protein Regulation by SUMO modification - Basic Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation - Mechanism of Action and Pathobiology of Steroid Hormone Receptors - Clinical Glucocorticoid Resistance - Multiscale Modeling   
Bob Kennedy We are studying hormone and neurotransmitter secretion with application to diabetes and various brain functions and pathophysiologies.  
Gil Omenn Leader of global Human Proteome Project, identifying, mapping, and characterizing all the proteins of the human proteome. Emphasis on alternatively spliced isoforms of transcripts and proteins and their functional consequences, predicted through use of computational methods in collaboration with Professor Yuanfang Guan and Professor Yang Zhang. Application of proteomics to Cancer Biology and Biomarker discovery. Development of the tranSMART platform for sharing of methods and datasets in drug development.  
James Rae Predicting response to breast cancer therapies by way of pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic, drug metabolism and candidate gene pathway analyses.   
Les Satin Ion channel modulation in health, disease and injury states; regulation of ion channels by cell fuel metabolism and calcium ions. Interactions between cellular fuel metabolism and ion channels.