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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Tae-Hwa Chun ECM and MMP in Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases. Human 3-D fat tissue-on-chip  
Bob Denver Research in the Denver Lab is focused on the molecular mechanisms of hormone action in animal development.   
Gary Hammer The long range objective of Dr. Hammerˇ¦s laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which signaling pathways and downstream transcription factors coordinate the specification of adrenocortical cells within the adrenal gland.  
Allen Hsu The genetic, dietary, environmental, and pharmacological factors that influence the rate of aging and longevity using C. elegans as a model organism.   
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Ormond MacDougald My lab focuses on understanding regulatory mechanisms for adipocyte differentiation and metabolism, including by microRNAs.  
Rick Mortensen 

The major goal of my laboratory has been to understand basic mechanisms in the pathophysiology, consequences and treatment of endocrine abnormalities particularly in obesity, diabetes and related cardiovascular and neurologic diseases. Recent focus has been on the function of drug targets that are clinically important nuclear receptors in immune modulation, and consequences in endocrine, neurologic and cardiovascular diseases. This has also been broadened to other ways of modulating immune function.  
Martin Myers Molecular and neural mechanisms of leptin action  
Jessica Schwartz Regulation of gene expression by growth hormone and related growth factors; signal transduction to the nucleus; mechanisms of insulin resistance; integrative physiology of human growth.  
John Williams How the synthesis and secretion pancreatic digestive enzymes and the growth of the pancreas is regulated to promote digestion.