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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Philip Andrews Major areas include the molecular architecture of organelles, phosphoprotein analysis and quantitative proteomics, interaction maps, and proteome informatics.  
Anthony Antonellis Identify and characterize loci involved in axonal and demyelinating peripheral neuropathies.  
David Antonetti Investigations into the formation and loss of the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier in normal vascular biology, diabetes and cancer  
Ruma Banerjee Chemical biology of mammalian sulfur metabolism, intercellular redox communication in neuro-immune function, mechanism of vitamin B12 trafficking and structural enzymology of human B12, PLP and heme enzymes and characterization of patient mutants in them.  
Scott Barolo Research Interests: Gene regulation and cell signaling in development; Structure, function, and evolution of transcriptional enhancers.   
David G. Beer Translational studies involving the molecular genetics of human lung and esophageal cancer  
Markus Bitzer Damage and loss of podocytes and parietal epithelial cells leads to progressive loss of kidney function. To identify markers of podocyte damage and parietal epithelial dysfunction, and to develop interventions to ameliorate the course, we transcriptomic, morphometric and clinical outcomes parameter in human kidney tissue and characterize the underlying molecular mechanisms in tissue culture and animal model systems with particular focus on regulatory RNAs.   
Charles Burant Using multi 'omics approach, including high throughput metabolomics, we seek to understand the interaction between genetics and nutrients in the development of disease.  
Margit Burmeister Identifying genes involved in behavioral, neurological & psychiatric diseases, novel genetic techniques, gene expression, bioinformatics.  
Ken Cadigan My laboratory is exploring the mechanism by which Wnt signaling regulates target gene expression, using Drosophila as a model system.  
Sally A. Camper, Ph.D. bioinformatics, cancer, developmental biology, gene expression, genetics of disease, hearing research, hormone action, neuroscience, organogenesis reproductive biology, signaling, skeletal development, stem cell research  
Tom Carey In my lab we are investigating biomarkers in head and neck cancer that predict response to therapy and survival as well as identifying new targets for novel therapy. In particular we are investigating viral integration and viral gene expression profiles as risk factors in oral HPV infection and HPV-induced head and neck cancers.   
Christin Carter-Su Obesity; neuronal differentiation and function; signal transduction by receptor tyrosine kinases; JAK-Stat signaling in growth, cancer and metabolism; growth hormone signaling and cellular function; tyrosine kinase adapter proteins; diabetes; cell motility   
Eugene CHEN Dr. Chenís research program in cardiovascular medicine is elucidating the molecular basis of diabetes/obesity-induced cardiovascular diseases and stroke.   
Vivian G Cheung Human Genetics; Regulation of Gene Expression; Gene Transcription and RNA Processing  
Mark Chiang Our lab is focused on understanding the action of transcription factor complexes at super-enhancers that drive induction and maintenance of leukemia stem cells.  
Arul Chinnaiyan Functional genomic, proteomic and bioinformatics approaches to study cancer and understand cancer biology as well as to discover clinical biomarkers.   
Kathleen Cho Ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, cancer genetics, cancer biology, tumor classification, mouse models of cancer, non-invasive imaging of tumor progression and drug response  
Kathy Collins Our goals are to better understand molecular mechanisms of viral immune evasion and to develop strategies to inhibit these processes.  
Gyorgyi Csankovszki Gene regulation and chromosome segregation mediated by condensin complexes in C. elegans  
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