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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Marilia Cascalho Evolving vaccines; DNA mutators and tumorigenesis; molecular and cellular mechanisms that control antibody affinity maturation in infection and transplantation, molecular and cellular mechanisms contributing to of immune fitness  
Jeff Curtis Immunology of the lungs  
Cunming Duan Research in the Duan lab aims at understanding how peptide growth factors act to control growth, development, and aging.  
Eva Feldman I am interested in understanding the pathogenic mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in the central and peripheral nervous systems and identifying effective therapies.  
David Fox Research in Dr. Fox's laboratory is directed at defining and characterizing pathways of human T cell activation, and the role of these pathways in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease.  
Thomas Gardner We are investigating the metabolic basis of diabetic retinopathy.  
Gary Glick Bio-organic chemistry; drug discovery for autoimmune diseases; molecular immunology; drug-induced apoptosis.   
Daniel R Goldstein How inflammation impacts disease. Mechanism by which aging enhances disease processes  
Oliver He Both bioinformatics research (e.g., ontology, literature mining, Bayesian network, and vaccine informatics) and wet-lab research (host-pathogen interactions and vaccine R&D).   
Yossi Holoshitz Signal transduction in autoimmune diseases with a focus on the interface between the adaptive and innate immune systems  
Steven L. Kunkel, PhD Regulation of cytokine gene expression; macrophage pathobiology.   
Roland Kwok How protein post-translational modifications, specially acetylation and phosphorylation, alter protein function in cancer cells.  
Lei Lei Germ cell fate determination during mouse oocyte differentiation. Ovarian somatic cell differentiation and its role in ovarian cancer.   
Steve Lundy Induction of immune tolerance using killer/regulatory B cells.  
Sami Malek We study the genomic pathogenesis of leukemias and lymphomas  
Peter Mancuso Research in the Mancuso lab currently includes the following projects: 1) Impact of obesity on in innate immunity and host defense against bacterial pneumonia; 2) Effects of drugs that increase the life span on innate immunity in aged mice; 3) We are also exploring the role of the adipokines (hormones produced by fat cells) in chronic disease in the Study of Women Across the Nation. 4)   
David Markovitz Our laboratory studies the interaction between human cellular factors and retroviruses, and their role in oncogenesis and immuity.  
Beth Moore My laboratory studies both pulmonary fibrosis as well as innate and adaptive host defense post bone marrow transplantation.  
Thomas Moore Innate host responses during bacterial infection, microbial pathogenesis, T cells and bacterial infection.  
Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska Discovery, design and development of small-molecules as new molecularly targeted therapies for cancer by applying different strategies such as high throughput screening, virtual screening and structure-based design.  
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