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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Hector Valdivia Intracellular calcium handling and cardiac arrhythmias.  
Soory Varambally Using integrative approach, we identify and validate cancer biomarkers, epigenetic modifiers and transcriptional repressors. Investigate the role of these biomarkers in cancer progression.  
Sarah Veatch We are interested in understanding how the physical properties of membrane lipids influence function at the cell plasma membrane.  
Anthony Vecchiarelli How do cells organize their innards? We study how things get to where they have to go inside the cell by reconstituting and imaging self-organizing systems outside of the cell using purified and fluorescent labelled components.  
Sriram Venneti Cancer metabolism in adult and pediatric brain tumors.  
Kristen Verhey Mechanisms and functions of molecular motors that drive intracellular trafficking along microtubule tracks.   
Angela Violi Health Effects of Nanoparticles Nanoparticle Formation  
Anne Vojtek Molecular and biochemical analysis of signaling pathways that regulate cell proliferation and neural differentiation  
Sari van Anders