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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Andrew Tai We are interested in how RNA viruses, specifically hepatitis C and dengue viruses, interact with their host cells.  
Shu Takayama Micro/nanofluidics for Cell Biology and organs-on-a-chip, Cell Signaling (EGF, GPCR), Chemotaxis, Protein Biomarker Validation, and Single Strand Chromatin Mapping.  
Gregory G. Tall 1. Study the role of Ric-8 proteins in control of G protein folding and as a rheostat to control total G protein signaling. 2. Elucidate the mechanism of activation of the class of adhesion G protein coupled receptors (aGPCRS).  
Jeremy Taylor Longitudinal and survival analysis, cure models, missing data, Box-Cox transformations, statistical methods for bioinformatics, surrogate and auxiliary variables, statistical modelling of biomedical data.  
Steve Taylor Functional neuroanatomy and brain mapping of cognitive and emotional processes related to psychiatric disorders  
Alice Telesnitsky Retroviral genetic diversification and viral RNA trafficking   
Muneesh Tewari Developing minimally invasive approaches to study human disease biology with high time-resolution for early detection and monitoring of cancer   
Debra A Thompson Mechanisms of signal transduction, vitamin A metabolism, and tissue-specific gene expression relevant to the causes and treatment of retinal dystrophy.  
Bob Thompson Molecular neuroendocrinology of stress and related mood-disorders.  
Peter Todd The roles of RNA and RNA processing in neurological disease  
Scott Tomlins High-throughput techniques to characterize the cancer genome/transcriptome to understand cancer biology and identify clinically relevant biomarkers and therapeutic targets  
John Traynor Mechanisms of action of addictive drugs. To provide medications for pain relief and the treatment of addictions.  
Ray Trievel Our laboratory is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying chromatin modifications that regulate gene expression and other chromatin-associated functions.  
Natalie Tronson   
Billy Tsai My laboratory is interested in understanding how various toxins and viruses hijack cellular components to cause disease.  
David Turner Developmental neurobiology; role of microRNAs in developing and adult nervous system; transcriptional control of neuronal differentiation.