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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Trachette Jackson Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Growth and Treatment  
Hosagrahar Jagadish   
Ursula Jakob Role of oxidative stress in host defense and aging  
Jose Jalife, M.D. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of atrial fibrillation and ventricuylar fibrillation.   
Paul Jenkins We study the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying complex neuropsychiatric diseases, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  
Jacqueline Jeruss Investigation of novel therapeutics for the treatment of aggressive breast cancer subtypes. Incorporation of fertility preservation into the care of young oncology patients.  
Hui Jiang   
Ajit Joglekar mechanochemical signal transduction, Biophysics of macromolecular protein complexes using in vivo high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, and engineered assays.  
Olivier Jolliet   
Kevin Jones   
John Jonides mechanisms of short-term memory and executive processing  
Emily Jutkiewicz Developmental and opioid-related mechanisms contributing to psychiatric diseases, such as depression and substance abuse