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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Michael Imperiale We study the molecular biology of the small DNA tumor virus, BK polyomavirus.   
Jorge Iniguez-Lluhi - Protein Regulation by SUMO modification - Basic Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation - Mechanism of Action and Pathobiology of Steroid Hormone Receptors - Clinical Glucocorticoid Resistance - Multiscale Modeling   
Jeffrey Innis Human molecular genetics; Hox genes; gastrulation defects leading to human and mouse malformation; human syndromes  
Ken Inoki Role of TSC-mTOR signaling in the development of cancer and metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Signal transduction and molecular mechanism of cell growth and energy homeostasis.  
David Irani We study nervous system-immune system interactions in a mouse model of lethal alphavirus encephalomyelitis and in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  
Lori L. Isom Role of voltage-gated ion channels in normal development and pathophysiology e.g. epilepsy, ataxia, and arrhythmia. Cellular and molecular neuroscience. Cardiovascular biology. Molecular mechanisms of disease.  
Shigeki Iwase Chromatin Dynamics in Brain Development and Function