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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Ari Gafni characterization of molecular mechanisms that feature in age-associated diseases including Alzheimer's disease and type-2 diabetes using advances biophysical approaches.  
Phil Gage Cell fate decisions in neural crest and mesoderm; genetic analysis of mammalian eye development; transcription factors; cell signaling pathways  
Santhi Ganesh The Ganesh lab studies the genetics of vascular diseases.  
Thomas Gardner We are investigating the metabolic basis of diabetic retinopathy.  
Krishnakumar Garikipati   
Roman Giger Nervous System Plasticity and Repair in the Adult Mammalian Brain and Spinal Cord.  
David Ginsburg The components of the blood-clotting system and how disturbances in their function lead to human bleeding and blood-clotting disorders.   
Gary Glick Bio-organic chemistry; drug discovery for autoimmune diseases; molecular immunology; drug-induced apoptosis.   
Sharon Glotzer Assembly of nanoscale systems; supercooled and metastable liquids and complex fluids, colloids, and complex fluids; biomimetic materials design; computer simulation.  
Thomas Glover Genome Instability Copy Number Variants Chromosome Fragile Sites Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria  
Margaret Gnegy Mechanism of action of amphetamine at the dopamine transporter; substrate and protein kinase effects on transporter trafficking; drugs to stop effects of amphetamine.  
Daniel Goldman Retina regeneration Optic nerve regeneration   
Daniel R Goldstein How inflammation impacts disease. Mechanism by which aging enhances disease processes  
Richard Gonzalez   
Jolanta Grembecka Development of small molecules for targeted therapies in cancer, with a particular focus on proteins involved in leukemogenesis.  
Irina Grigorova Regulation of humoral (antibody) immune response initiation; intravital imaging and quantitative analysis of lymphocyte dynamic behavior in living mice.  
Yuanfang Guan Functional Genomic Data Integration bioinformatics computational genomics  
Johann Gudjonsson My research has been focused on the genetic etiology and immune-pathogenesis of cutaneous inflammation over the past 16 years. The focus of my laboratory is focused on molecular basis of cutaneous inflammation, with focus on diseases such as psoriasis, and connective tissue diseases. Another major focus in my laboratory is on the molecular basis for sex-bias in autoimmunity.   
Deb Gumucio Cellular and molecular targets of Hedgehog signaling; Formation of the pylorus; Organogenesis and patterning of the gastrointestinal tract.   
Margaret Gyetko Lung inflammatory and immune responses