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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Kate Eaton Dr. Eaton's research interests are in pathogenesis of enteric bacterial diseases. Current projects involve germ free mouse models and the pathogenesis of disease due to Shiga-toxin producing E. coli. Dr. Eaton is the director of the Germ Free mouse core.  
Ada Eban-Rothschild We employ a multidisciplinary approach to uncover the neuronal mechanisms controlling sleep-wake states in health and disease.   
dan eitzman Molecular mediators of adipose tissue inflammation and effects of inflammatory adipose tissue on vascular endpoints using mouse models  
J.T. Elder Our lab uses genetics, cell biology, and immunology to better understand psoriasis. We are transitioning from a genetic to a functional approach.   
Carol Elias Our studies are focused on deciphering the mechanisms by which metabolic imbalance disrupts the reproductive neuroendocrine axis.   
Doug Engel Transcriptional regulation and genetics of hematopoietic development  
Samuel Epstein