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Faculty List for Program: "Neuroscience"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Omar Ahmed   
Mohammed Akaaboune Synaptic development and maintenance Effect of high fat diet on the stability of neuromuscular synapses neuromuscular diseases   
Huda Akil Brain endocrine systems: stress, endorphins and dopamine  
Roger Albin   
Wayne Aldridge neuronal mechanisms of reward and movement behavior in the basal ganglia  
Rick Altschuler 1) Noise Induced and Age - Related Hearing Loss: Underlying Mechanisms and Mechanism based therapeutics for prevention and treatment; 2) Molecular mechanisms in ACTIVITY DEPENDENT PLASTICITY and TINNITUS; 3) STEM CELLS to replace lost auditory nerve  
Arun Anantharam We study the molecular mechanisms of hormone trafficking, signaling, and secretion at the sympatho-adrenal synapse. Our goals are to understand these processes in the context of stress and stress transduction.  
Anthony Antonellis Identify and characterize loci involved in axonal and demyelinating peripheral neuropathies.  
Sara Aton The effects of sensory experience and sleep on neural circuits, mechanisms underlying nervous system plasticity and memory formation.  
Kate F. Barald Development/regeneration of sensory cells and neurons in the inner ear, studies of neurofibromatosis 1 using embryonic stem cell models   
Sami Barmada Mechanisms of disease in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia.   
Scott Barolo Research Interests: Gene regulation and cell signaling in development; Structure, function, and evolution of transcriptional enhancers.   
Jill B. Becker Sex differences in brain motivational systems and how that impacts drug abuse and brain function and dysfunction. Mechanisms mediating the rapid effects of steroid hormones in the brain.  
Asim Beg Molecular mechanisms underlying circuit assembly and synaptic function.  
Kent Berridge Affective Neuroscience: Reward wanting, liking, learning and addiction  
Stephanie Bielas Discover new genes for human developmental brain disorders and modeling disease mechanisms with patient induced pluripotent stem cells and mice to understand the associated molecular pathology.  
Victoria Booth Computational neuroscience focuses on constructing and analyzing biophysical models of neurons and neuronal networks to quantitatively probe experimental hypotheses and provide experimentally-testable predictions.   
Jimo Borjigin My lab is interested in (1) melatonin based chronobiology, and (2) neurobiology of the dying brain.  
Robert Bradley Investigations of brainstem circuits processing gustatory information.  
Tim Bruns We develop interfaces with the peripheral nervous system to examine systems-level neurophysiology and to restore function.  
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