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Faculty List for Program: "Immunology"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Challice Bonifant We study the immunobiolgy of myeloid leukemia in order to rationally develop immune based anti-cancer therapies.  
Shannon Carty Our laboratory focuses on the role epigenetic regulators play in normal and malignant T cells. We use in vitro and in vivo murine models to examine the role of DNA methylation in cell fate decisions of T lymphocytes, as well as how deregulation of DNA methylation can contribute to T cell lymphomas.   
Marilia Cascalho Evolving vaccines; DNA mutators and tumorigenesis; molecular and cellular mechanisms that control antibody affinity maturation in infection and transplantation, molecular and cellular mechanisms contributing to of immune fitness  
Maria Castro Sleeping Beauty transposase-mediated mouse brain cancer models; role of DNA repair and genomic stability in tumor progression; epigenetic studies; bioinformatics.  
Cheong-Hee Chang Studies of molecular and cellular mechanisms for T cell-mediated immunity:  
Grace Chen Understanding how Nod-like receptors and the gut microbiota affect susceptibility to colitis and colon cancer  
Stephen Chensue See URL below  
Kaushik Choudhuri Cellular and molecular mechanism of lymphocyte signalling and function.   
Kathy Collins Our goals are to better understand molecular mechanisms of viral immune evasion and to develop strategies to inhibit these processes.  
Jeff Curtis Immunology of the lungs  
David Fox Research in Dr. Fox's laboratory is directed at defining and characterizing pathways of human T cell activation, and the role of these pathways in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease.  
Luigi Franchi   
Christine Freeman My laboratory studies the role of various immune cells in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  
Daniel R Goldstein How inflammation impacts disease. Mechanism by which aging enhances disease processes  
Irina Grigorova Regulation of humoral (antibody) immune response initiation; intravital imaging and quantitative analysis of lymphocyte dynamic behavior in living mice.  
Johann Gudjonsson My research has been focused on the genetic etiology and immune-pathogenesis of cutaneous inflammation over the past 16 years. The focus of my laboratory is focused on molecular basis of cutaneous inflammation, with focus on diseases such as psoriasis, and connective tissue diseases. Another major focus in my laboratory is on the molecular basis for sex-bias in autoimmunity.   
Yossi Holoshitz Signal transduction in autoimmune diseases with a focus on the interface between the adaptive and innate immune systems  
Gary Huffnagle Pulmonary immunology; fungal pathogenesis and microflora-mediated modulation of immunity   
David Irani We study nervous system-immune system interactions in a mouse model of lethal alphavirus encephalomyelitis and in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.  
Michelle Kahlenberg My research strives to understand the cross-talk between cutaneous inflammation and the development and control of systemic autoimmunity.  
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