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Faculty List for Program: "Biological Chemistry"

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Faculty Member Brief Research Description
Philip Andrews Major areas include the molecular architecture of organelles, phosphoprotein analysis and quantitative proteomics, interaction maps, and proteome informatics.  
Ryan Baldridge We investigate mechanisms of integral membrane protein quality control systems.  
Ruma Banerjee Chemical biology of mammalian sulfur metabolism, intercellular redox communication in neuro-immune function, mechanism of vitamin B12 trafficking and structural enzymology of human B12, PLP and heme enzymes and characterization of patient mutants in them.  
Jim Bardwell Role of molecular chaperones and disulfide catalysts in protein folding Experimental evolution of protein folding   
Wei Cheng Molecular mechanisms of immunodeficiency caused by HIV; development of innovative prophylactic or therapeutic approaches; single-molecule manipulation, single-molecule fluorescence, optical tweezers  
Uhn-Soo Cho Biochemical and structural understanding of epigenetic inheritance by studying centromere-specific nucleosomes and the relationship of histones and histone chaperones.  
Michael Cianfrocco   
Yali Dou Epigenetic regulation of gene expression and their implications in cancer  
Renny Franceschi Transcriptional control of mesenchymal cell lineage to bone or fat, role of the Runx2 transcription factor in prostate cancer and cancer stem cells.  
Peter Freddolino Combining high-throughput experimental measurements with multiscale modeling to understand and simulate regulatory networks  
Bob Fuller We are interested in the basic cell biology and enzymology of protein localization and processing in the eukaryotic secretory pathway.  
Ari Gafni characterization of molecular mechanisms that feature in age-associated diseases including Alzheimer's disease and type-2 diabetes using advances biophysical approaches.  
Gary Glick Bio-organic chemistry; drug discovery for autoimmune diseases; molecular immunology; drug-induced apoptosis.   
Daniel Goldman Retina regeneration Optic nerve regeneration   
Ursula Jakob Role of oxidative stress in host defense and aging  
Tom Kerppola Our laboratory investigates the regulation of transcription in mammalian cells. We use a variety of imaging approaches to visualize protein interactions and modifications in living cells and animals.  
Roland Kwok How protein post-translational modifications, specially acetylation and phosphorylation, alter protein function in cancer cells.  
Neil Marsh Enzyme mechanisms, protein engineering and antimicrobial peptide design  
Jim Morrissey Biochemistry of the human blood clotting system; structural studies of membrane lipids bound to biologically significant ligands.  
Ruthann Nichols Heart failure is a leading cause of death. We investigate a neuropeptide which slows heartbeat and its signal transduction pathway.  
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